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The idea of creation of the East Siberian FPG is based on results of the analysis of an economic situation in the region in general, at the participating enterprises of group, a condition of the markets of the corresponding types of production. In particular, point the following circumstances to relevance of formation of FPG:

The system of financing of the FPG investment programs means, as a priority, the translation of settlement accounts of participants of group in uniform financial institution, acceleration of the address of money and use of a bill form of calculations. Thus necessary prerequisites for financial security of implementation of the FPG short-term programs will be created. Financing of medium-term and long-term investment programs will be carried out due to issue of securities of FPG, broader attraction of the centralized resources of the state and foreign investors.

In the presence of powerful hydroenergy, mineral, forest resources of the region the scientific and production base of the relevant enterprises not fully provides due quality of processing of raw materials and ecological safety. Concentration of material and financial resources of the participating enterprises of group will allow to increase significantly an export potential of the region, first of all, on production of petrochemistry.

Emergence of marketing is closely connected with emergence of an exchange and emergence of the market. Marketing is a work with the market for the sake of implementation of exchanges, which purpose - satisfaction of human needs and requirements.

- increase of an export potential of the industry, accumulation of volumes of production necessary for a national economy (works, an usla and providing on this basis of growth of social and economic production efficiency.