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to increase authorized capital and to issue additional stocks. This decision is possible only after full payment of authorized capital. The increase in authorized capital of society for a covering of the losses suffered by it is not allowed;

The profit, being at the command the enterprises is a source of financing of his requirements, but the main a of its can be defined as accumulation and consumption. distributions arrived to accumulation and consumption is by development

Self-financing - an indispensable condition of successful activity of the enterprises in the conditions of market economy. This principle is based on a full economic return on production of a and expansion is production - technical base of the enterprise, it means that each enterprise covers the current and expenses at the expense of own sources.

External (international) leasing - transactions in which at least one of the parties belongs to the different countries belong to it. Carry to the same type of leasing also the transactions which are carried out by the lessor and the lessee of one country if at least one of the parties conducts the activity and has the capital together with foreign firm.

Direct leasing at which the owner of property (supplier) independently hands over object in leasing (bilateral. In fact, it is impossible to call this transaction the classical leasing transaction as the leasing company does not participate in it.

the foreign investments provided in the form of or other material and non-material participation in the capital of joint ventures and also in the form of direct investments (in monetary forms of the international organizations and institutes, the states, the enterprises and the organizations of forms of ownership and individuals;

After making decision on primary issue of shares of AO issuer submits in registering financial body necessary documents, the prospectus of the issue in which contain is basic of which: specification on the issuer; data on a financial position; data on the forthcoming issue of securities.

Financial (capital, direct) leasing - financial, capital leases - represents the relationship of partners providing payment of the leasing payments covering an overall cost of depreciation of the equipment or its most part, additional costs and profit of the lessor during the period of action of the agreement between them. This type of leasing is characterized by the following main lines: