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Bargains are concluded daily through exchange clearing chamber. Daily buyers and sellers register losses and profit on the positions. The profit can be encashed. Losses follow from further payments.

- Futures of the monetary market: as financial instruments in this case a certain quantity of short-term financial instruments or a short-term interest rate on standard quantity of money act. Futures for treasury bills, the deposit certificate, short-term loans and deposits in eurodollars, eurosterlings, euroyens and eurobrands can be an example.

For example, the British company buys goods from the German supplier at one million DM2,52 price; a course - DM2,80 for 1.. If payment is registered three months when the course changed - DM2,70 for 1. later., the British company should pay more in pounds sterling, than it was expected (if only it did not insure the operational risk). Initially it had to pay 900 thousand.. , but actually the company had to pay 933333..

- In sense of competitiveness, however, both companies are subject to currency risk. Strengthening of pound does the British company of less profitable that gives advantage to the American producer in a gain of bigger market space. For the same reason growth of dollar concerning sterling will give advantage to the British firm.