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Observations over quality of a surface water are made by specialists of laboratory of monitoring of pollution of a sea and surface water of the Center of Monitoring of Environmental pollution of the Sakhalin UGMS. Sampling of water on the hydrochemical analysis is conducted on 41 rivers and one lake on 61 alignments in 47 points of supervision.

stremitelny development of all industries, power, transport, increase in population and urbanization, chemicalixation of all fields of activity of the person led to certain changes of environment, including the adverse. Impact of harmful substances of an anthropogenous origin on environment becomes global.

70% of the rivers of our island are considered as the moderately polluted. Statistically it is good indicators, but actually it does not mean that waters of these water currents are not polluted. During passing of a spring high water when there is an intensive thawing of snow and washout from soils, during passing of rain floods in the rivers substantial increase of the content of the polluting substances is observed. It should be noted, as in these rivers with moderately polluted water, average annual concentration of oil products, phenols, compounds of copper exceed maximum concentration limit by 1-2 times.

Lack of the necessary treatment facilities, unsatisfactory work which are available, and also open system of petrocollecting, loss of oil is the main reasons for pollution of reservoirs at its transportation.