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The received starched milk contains cellular juice of potatoes which quickly is oxidized and darkens under the influence of oxidizing enzymes (the painted substances - melanina are formed of amino acid of a tirozin under the influence of enzyme of a polifenoloksidaza). Besides, in juice microorganisms can develop. Cellular juice needs to be separated on centrifuges, previously having processed a potato squash sulphurous acid for prevention of undesirable processes. At the majority of plants cellular juice is not separated as it is expensive operation.

Small slices of fruit can also be dried during a heating season on radiators on lattices which are made by the sizes of top of radiators. Lattices put directly on radiators or a substrate, for example, the corresponding layer of newspapers.

The affined yellow sugar and yellow sugar of the second crystallization is dissolved juice of 2 saturation to a mass fraction of solids of 65-70% (, mix from syrups after evaporating installation, sulfitirut, filter and direct on a uvarivaniye to 1 crystallization.

When drying in an oven it is possible to apply weaving from plastic only on frame inside. Drying on a tin is not really favorable as water from the drying fruits evaporates only from the top party; the tin should be laid parchment paper. At the same time on sale there is a special tin with small openings (punched) for drying of fruit.

For release of free starch the potato squash is subjected to washing on sets of various designs - shaking, arc and others. Processing is carried out consistently by 3-5 times, washing water is pumped in a countercurrent. The washed alburnum containing not less than 3% of free starch is directed on a forage to cattle.

Utfel of the third product uvarivat from hypostasis the second, then add the affinatsionny flowed. Duration of a uvarivaniye is 420-840 min., a mass fraction of solids of 93,5-94,0%. Due to concoction of not sugars in the utfel of the last crystallization the speed of crystallizing out of sucrose decreases. For fuller release of sucrose enter in addition crystallization by cooling. Utfel of the last product from vacuum devices send to a reception mixer, and then to mixers crystallizers in which mixing devices cold water in a countercurrent to is pumped. Passing through the battery of mixers crystallizers in 36-48 hours it is cooled on 30 degrees that promotes transition of part of sucrose from intercrystal solution in crystals. Before centrifugation the last product warm up on 6-8 degrees for decrease in viscosity of intercrystal solution.

Starch after centrifuges is subjected to refinement for allocation from it small alburnum. For this purpose it is diluted with water and processed on sets with a silk grid not less N46: small alburnum is washed out to the content of starch by no more than 5% and realize on a forage to cattle, and starched milk with sit washings arrives on dilution of a squash after a grater.

Drying is based on removal of water from fruit and vegetables so that microbes in them if were not destroyed then could not breed. From fruits it is required to evaporate 80 - 90% of the initial content of water.

The box for the dryer is done of metal plates (tin), the forward wall of the dryer is done removable, it serves for installation of lattices in the grooves placed on two lateral faces of a box. In the lower plate of a box do openings with gates for regulation of inflow of heat. In the top plate of the dryer do openings for an air outlet and water vapor.

According to this scheme 1 crystallization uvarivat from syrup mix with a klerovka and the second hypostasis 1, centrifuge with selection of two hypostases: the first is directed on a uvarivaniye the 2, second return "on themselves".

Utfel of the second product uvarivat from the first and second hypostases 1 within 300-330 min. to a mass fraction of solids in the utfel 93%, centrifuge with receiving yellow sugar of the second crystallization and the general hypostasis.

Starched milk after office of small alburnum contains soluble impurity and small alburnum. Juice water with the dissolved impurity is separated on nepreryvnodeystvuyushchy shnekovy osaditelny centrifuges.

In house conditions dry fruit and vegetables at favorable weather on the sun, on a plate, in an oven, on radiators of a central heating or small dryers which are easy for making. Lattices - the wooden or metal framework executed by dense weaving from twigs, a wire or plastic that to them air as well from the lower party could arrive are the most convenient for drying. If weaving from a usual wire, a lattice needs to be covered with rare fabric that the drying fruits did not concern iron.