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Main shortcomings: the competition between certain participants of the financial market becomes tougher; regulation is rather expensive to participants of securities market since they pay it.

Thus, foreign investments have dual impact on social and economic structure of the country accepting investments. On the one hand, they stimulate development of separate branches and productions, introducing new technologies, administrative and organizational experience. With another — often generate sharp economic disproportions, the social conflicts, interfering with development of local business, creating prerequisites for preservation and deepening in the future of foreign investment and for emergence of socially economic backwardness and dependence.

Aspiration of the foreign investor to get profit from the enterprise recipient at any cost and during a short period. In this case the investor to seek to use the invested enterprises for 100% by introduction of system of austerity of expenses, wearisome and intensive working conditions for workers and the equipment. It can lead to an erosion of the social sphere of the enterprise, mass dismissals of workers, degradation of production base, etc.

Speculative purchase by the foreign investor of the enterprise (or buying up of all its actions) for the purpose of further resale in stock market. Negative consequences of such actions is that production for some term receives not the real owner, but the favourite with all that it implies.

In the USA IK are known as the closed investment funds, in Great Britain — as investment trusts, in Spain — as societies on investments into securities, in France — as investment companies with the constant capital.