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Animals with clinical or hematologic manifestations of a leukosis are allowed to be transported on meat-processing plants the zhelznodorozhny, water and motor transport according to the approved veterinary and sanitary requirements in transit in special conditions. Clinically healthy cattle (seronegativny) is transported in accordance with general practice.

In economy (herd, farms where more than 30% of seropozitivny cows come to light and there is no opportunity to carry out improvement by a division method, all livestock of cows is carried to the second (seropozitivny) group. Adult animals of such herd need to be investigated on a leukosis every 6 months by a hematologic method.

The yard, herd, office, farm, economy are considered revitalized after a conclusion of all seropozitivny animals and receiving two in a row, with an interval 3 months of negative results at serologichesky research of all livestock of animals are more senior than 6 monthly age.